I’ve always wanted to get into the League of Legends universe, yes I’ve played the moba, but it wasn’t something I felt compelled to invest my time into. However, with them announcing not only a fighting game, a card game and bringing their autochess to the mobile phone platform, they are also making an animation of their universe called Arcane.

If there’s ever a time to try and break into the League of Legends universe, it’s now. Riot Games held their 10th anniversary celebration of the launch of LEAGUE OF LEAGUE and man, I remember when this game first came out and I completely ignore it for the first 5 years. Who would’ve thought it’s get so big? Console and mobile will both be receiving the newest rendition of League of Legends “Wild Rift”, Teamfight Tactics will be coming to mobile in early 2020, Legends of Runeterra  is a free-to-play card game that will directly compete with Blizzard’s Hearthstone, and “Project L” is the codename of the fabled League of Legends fighting game. Oh, and there’s also a PROJECT A” – RIOT’S COMPETITIVE TACTICAL SHOOTER in the works and a MYSTERIOUS “PROJECT F” top-down adventure game, but we don’t know too much about it yet.


Of course, for me the biggest announcement that caught my eye was the animation that Riot Games is working on. Probably the most demanded request I’ve seen in every comment section of a brand new trailer for a legend. Riot Games has announced Arcane, an animated series set in the League of Legends universe with an extended trailer. This is amazing since League of Legends has an extensive lore and a large universe hinted by all their amazing trailer that really make you want play the Moba game.

So, if I’m being honest I’m really hyped for both the fighting game and the animated series as I think those would be the perfect way for me to finally enter into the League of Legends scene properly and be able to appreciate the lore. That’s what I’ve always liked about the game. Heck, maybe I’ll give LoL a shot, one more time.

You can find a glimpse of all these announcements below:

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