It’s been a while but we’re finally back on that Fire Force review. Fire Force Episode 12 didn’t miss a beat and really shared a lot more about the abilities of the flame generation and the cons that come with it. Also, Benimaru a lot more stronger than I anticipated.

The first portion of the episode mainly focused on the 8th helping the 7th rebuild the town. We had the occasion funny moments, fan service that seemed out place this time around and the overall charm that we tend to get. You know, I have to say I’m usually fine with fan service if it’s done tastefully, but Tamaki’s fan service seems hella forced at this point. I can see how this will turn people away. I’m still gonna watch the anime though, but I’m just pointing it out.

We got a bit of  an introduction to Konro, who seemed to be suffering from Tephrosis, a medical condition that occurs to third generations that overuse their abilities. It’s pretty interesting that they have such limits in their abilities, keeping them more grounded and ensuring that they’ll have to micro-manage the use of their flame powers. He got it from fending off an actual flame demon of sort that attacked their town years before they came Fire Force Soldiers.


So as we continue on with where we left off, Benimaru decides to finally cooperate with the 8th. However, the Evangelist were already one step ahead and tricked him into thinking that he overheard them plotting to turn the entire town into Infernals. This prompted a fight in which  Benimaru finally lived up to my expectation of what a Captain should fight like. His abilities where off the charts and man, I can’t even imagine how powerful he’d be if he went all out. After wiping out the tram, Obi was the last to challenge him. Since he has no power, he barely held his own but managed to land a headbutt on the guy, before having the match stopped by Konro.

Overall, it’d be interesting to soon learn what the Evangelist are up to and what their true goal is all about!

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