It seems the plot continues to thicken in Dr. STONE Episode 15 as we finally learn the name of the village and what Ruri knows about Senku.

After months of working on the cure for Ruri, they were finally done making it. I hadn’t realized that it had been months since they began their journey but man this journey had been fun. As it turns out, Ruri had pneumonia and if it hadn’t being for Kohaku’s hot water spring runs, she would have being long dead, so it’s funny how that worked out. It was also cool to see Senku keep his promise to Gen with the Cola too, your man was all excited for that drink. 


However, the biggest twist came from learning the name of the village, and the secret that Ruri knew about Senku. As it turned out, the name of the village is Ishigami, Senku’s last name, and the very thing that Ruri knew as well. This just opened up a floodgate of questions regarding how this village ended up with Senku’s last name and how Ruri came to know about a guy 3700 years in the past. It’s kinda ironic that Senku would now become the chief of the village that bears his name. See, now things are starting to get interesting in Dr. Stone and hopefully will lead to the cause of the petrification of the entire world.

Overall, I can’t wait to finally learn what Ruri knows and see how all ties in to Senku and the village. If In where to guess, I would bet that Senku’s father left some type of message and the early humans who woke up named their village after him. It’s just a guess though.

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