As I predicated from my last review, it’s ended up being Chrome who defeats Magma using science, with a little help from a mentalist. Dr. STONE Episode 14 highlights both Senku’s insane IQ and Chrome incredibly fast-learning ability.

Keep in mind that despite Chrome basically been born in the stone age, his ability to learn is amazing. He only saw Senku demonstrate the glass thing once and already understood the fundamental behind what was needed to start a fire. He knew that the glass used to make Suika’s helmet was different from the glass that Senku used, and filled that difference with his sweat and tears to create a highly localized area for light to pass through is impressive.

Of course, his plan wouldn’t have worked had the Mentalist Asagiri not shown up. His manipulation of his death to convince Magma to believe he’s under a curse gave Chrome the time needed to start the fire.

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Aside from that, there wasn’t much to talk about! It was fun to see Chrome outwit a muscle head like Magma using his wits alone, and we saw how his resolve was unshaken in the face of certain doom, but overall the episode lacked content to write a “proper” review. I mean, I could talk about how impressive it is that Senku is able to make calculation of the top of his head like that but, that honestly is to be expected. It’s such a shame that only Chrome will be able to somewhat appreciate the level of brain-power that took to achieve.

Overall, good episode! Shouldn’t be interesting to see whether Senku will throw the fight or actually fight Chrome for the win. Oh and Ginro’s fight was hilarious as hell.

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