Well, things took an unexpected turn this week’s episode of Dr. STONE Episode 13.

The first half the episode was the usual, with Senku explaining and making the various chemicals needed to make the cure-it all drug. What I really enjoyed though were the moments the guys are talking about cheating in the Grand Bout. I can’t stress enough how much I’m enjoying these light-hearted comical moments and the dynamic between these characters. These are one of the best parts about Dr.Stone.

On top of that, even though I kinda knew it would happen, it’s confirmed that Senku will be participating in the fights. How he’ll fight remains to be seen but we know it’s going to be crazy. Now where things get even more interesting is when Ruri, upon hearing Senku’s name, confronts him and asks for his last name. This was especially interesting considering that this is the first time Ruri has met Senku and the concept of a last name in her village is unknown. The way she was talking, she sounded like she’s being waiting for years for him. However, I have a different take for her knowledge on Senku.

maxresdefault (77).jpg

One of the things that I’m thinking of is maybe she’s being subliminally fed information about Senku without her knowledge and thus from her perspective, may come across as a vision or prophecy. It’s either that, or it’s part of her position, as in, we were told that knowledge is passed down from Oracle to Oracle and Senku was one of those important information that may have being passed down. It may even tie in to that mysterious green light that turned humanity to stone. Either way, she’s the key to uncovering what’s going on with the world. Aside from that, the fight between Kinro vs Magma was alright. I liked the scene of him finally getting that helmet from Suika, and revealing that he could’ve beaten Magma a long time ago.

Overall, it was a great episode, we finally got some progression on the mystery of the green light which could lead into more clue hunting. If Kinro beats Magma, or weakens him, I get the feeling that Chrome or Senku will end up winning. Chrome for the set up, Senku for the plot in getting an audience with Ruri.

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