I just found out that Mario Kart Tour is now available today on iOS and Android, so I decided to download the game and see how it fairs. And honestly, it’s actually a lot of fun.Mario Kart Tour is what you’d expect from a Mario Kart game, except now you can play it from you mobile device. I’ve only played like four tours so far, so this is more like a first impression if anything. And as someone who hasn’t properly played a Mario Kart game to appreciate the nuance that comes with it  (I have more experience with Sonic Racing), I have to say, the controls on this mobile version are actually pretty great. The only frustrating aspect about them is the accidental use of an item when you’re planning on using them for a shield.


Aside from that, once I started playing the game, I couldn’t put down my phone. Each race had me wanting to play more and more, to get better at the controls and achieve a higher score each time. I was a bit surprised to learn that the game has an optional “Gold Pass” subscription. It’s an odd addition and frankly a waste of money when you consider Apple’s Arcade is literally the same price. While on this subject, I haven’t experience a sharp Pay-to-Win experience yet, so that’s a good thing but with a Gold pass subscription for a single game, expect some bullshit soon. Like how you can’t level up a character after a certain amount of play.

Overall, I’m really enjoying the game, so it’s worth at least checking it out.

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