Ever since the release of Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 54, speculation on the true identify of this Merus character has only just fueled the flames. So who is this mysterious character and what is his origins? And is Merus an Angel?

Over the past few chapters, Merus has demonstrated feats that have raised quite a few eyebrows. From catching both Goku and Vegeta off guard, to Goku not been able to land a single punch on him, this guy is looking more and more suspect by each chapter. And he knows about Ultra Instinct, a feat only knows to gods and angels, prior to the Tournament of power. Not to mention that Vegeta noted that he never releases his full power and is constantly suppressing it. So who is he? I got a few ideas (one of which isn’t original but still) of who he could be.

The first and pretty much the most popular one is the fact that Merus is angel, a fallen angel at that. This stems from the fact that Merus shares the same color pattern as the other angels. The only thing that separates him from the rest is that he has no halo. the halo thing can actually go a number of ways. him having no halo could mean that he’s currently not active as an angel but still possess of the powers of one.



Also, I’ve seen the community point out that he could be one of the angels from the destroyed universe waiting to be made useful again, hence why he has no halo. Or he could be a defect, one that decided that he can’t follow mindless child aka Zeno and left the hierarchy.

Another theory that isn’t as popular is the fact that he could be a hybrid of sort, a nephilim! Explaining how this came about would be quite difficult. However, this would explain why he’s hiding his energy, so he wouldn’t be sensed by those looking to find him. This one I’m a bit effy on as, but he could be a hybrid of basically anything and angel I’m leaning toward demons here, and he could end up being the catalyst that could be used to introduce the demons in a new arc. I doubt it!

There’s also this other theory that I have in which there’s another hierarchy to the gods and angels that we are not aware of yet. As in, Merus could very well be an arch angel, a being that transcends the angel hierarchy and is thus free to roam the universe and do as he wishes, so long it is in the interest of the grand priest and Zeno. This is a bit of a stretch admittedly but it would be cool, and it could explain the halo thing. Maybe he’s not even in his final form.

Lastly, and frankly the most boring one is that he could be of a completely different race that just happens to bare a striking resemblance the angels and also just happens to be trained by one. the odds of this happening is astronomical but worth mentioning.

Honestly, in the end, all I’m hoping is that this new character doesn’t end up diluting the Ultra Instinct effect. What I mean is that, we just found out that even the gods can’t reach this form, Goku achieves it and soon after we have a guy that somehow knows about it. This better not be another Ultra Instinct bargain sale!

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