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Usually I don’t tend to talk about game sales a lot or ever, but I wanted to touch on Borderlands 3′ recent success as it speaks volumes for the future of digital games and Epic Games Store as a whole.

2K announced that Borderlands 3 is the fastest selling title in 2K history, breaking records which nobody saw coming. Especially seeing that the game sold most of its title digital, and on top of it all, on Epic Games Store. The very same video game digital distribution platform that many have scorned for months now.


This highlights two things in my opinion; 1. digital games are slowly but surely becoming the stage of game purchase option, resembling a similar trend to CD’s being replaced by digital download in the form of MP4, Soundcloud and Spotify and 2. It proves that games can succeed on a video game digital distribution platform aside from Steam, contrary to many people believed notion that any game that is exclusively sold on that Epic Games Store platform would fail or not do as well as it could.

Either, this is pretty impressive, and it lends some weight (albeit not that much) to the prospect of a disk-less consoles in the near future, one that many are fearing for valid reasons. For me, I’ve tested the waters on what it’s like to have all my games digitally (Nintendo Switch) and it ain’t all too bad. Of course, I understand the sentiment of wanting to just own the physical copy. Just keep in mind that the future waits for no man, not even for tradition and nostalgia.

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