I caught up with the Boruto: Next Generation manga and I think it may have actually just gave us a major hint on how Naruto was supposedly killed off and explains the fight between Boruto and Kawaki. It’s a theory but I think it may hold up.

In that chapter, Naruto was sealed away by Jigen, who came to the conclusion that killing off Naruto was too much of a hassle for him. Now, if you remember the very first chapter of the manga or the first episode of the Boruto anime, you’ll recall that Kawaki was claiming to have sent Naruto away, and threatening to do the same with Boruto. What if that chapter was the last time we’ll see Naruto and Jigen succeeds in taking over Kawaki’s body, despite Sasuke being there? It could be like the Cell saga in Dragon Ball.


What if the grown up Kawaki that we saw in that scene was in fact Jigen in Kawaki’s body. As in, he successfully took over Kawaki’s body and made him his vessel and Boruto had to spend all those years without his father and the village fell because of it.

That would explain the sudden shift in Kawaki betrayal and the explanation for the village’s destruction. So Boruto’s facing off against Jigen, not Kawaki. Now that would be a nice twist to the series and would explain a lot. Plus, it would mean that Naruto wouldn’t necessary have to be killed off. That just leaves the explanation of Sasuke. Maybe he’s the one that gets killed off, sacrificing himself to save his sudden, but fails.

That’s just my thoughts on it. Let me know what you guys think in the comment below.

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