So we finally learned about the founding of Company 8 in  Fire Force Episode 11 – Formation of Special Fire Force Company 8 / The Mightiest Hikeshi and how all that went about, and got introduced to Company 7, with their commander, Benimaru seemingly being a chill dude.

While Company 8 searches for clues about the Evangelist, Hinawa recounts the tale of how the company originally came into existence. We learned quite a bit about him and Obi, and their drive to protect people from the suffering of being turned into infernal. It was nice to see what led Hinawa to join Obi in starting up the Company 8, along with Maki, making them the founding members of the team. Also Maki reacting to Hinawa’s complement was adorable.

A lead prompts the crew to pay a visit to Company 7’s jurisdiction in Asakusa, and its captain, Benimaru. You know, when we first saw this dude, I thought he’d be an underdog, mostly because of how the Company’s are numbered, but to think he’d be able to use both second and third generation abilities was a surprise.


So I guess Company numbers don’t actually indicate the strength of the members in the company, but denotes the order in which the company was founded. Now, there was one thing about this episode that irked me a little bit, and that was Shinra challenging Benimaru to a fight.

Now I was willing to give his fight against Hibana a slide for plot’s sake, and his fight against Rekka a pass too seeing as that guy wasn’t a captain, but I’ll have some type of problem if Shinra starts beating up Captains without a genuine reason to explain his power boost. Heck, not even that, his lack of combat experience, no matter how talented he is shouldn’t be able to compare to Captain’s who have probably years of combat experience under their belt. I’m just saying, I’d like it to make somewhat of sense.

Overall, learning about the founding of the 8th was a great insight to have, and we learned that there are normal fire fighters too, which completely slipped my mind.

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