Once again, I’ve stumbled upon something unique on the scene. Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a 60 Players Battle Royal in which you can experience all the content you’ve enjoyed in MMORPGs within a 30 minute match. So that means, within a 30 min span, you’ll have to survive other players, fend off  20 bosses and 10,000 monsters and ultimately be the last man standing.

Melee battle royale are nothing new as we’re seeing more and more  show up in the market, like Battlerite, Spellbreak and Mordau. However, I will say that Korean developer Matisco’s Hunter’s Arena: Legends offers a unique hybrid of Action RPG and Battle Royale genres, sprinkled with MMO & MOBA elements. It all sounds overambitious if you ask me. Of course it has other modes like Tag, Horde and Team fighting but it’s core is the BR mode!


Not only that, with the use of Unreal Engine 4, the game does look rather good, been powered by a modified version of Unreal Engine 4 with Nvidia Gameworks and Hairworks support. However, the bigger concern is whether it’ll play well and be fun. From some of the videos I’ve seen, it does look fun, with a lot of combo potential to boot. Honestly, one of the videos which featured the Tag mode looked straight up like I was watching a fighting game, so that does yield some promise to the prospect of Hunter’s Arena Legend.

Hunter’s Arena Legend claims to be making a game with a battle style that is inspired by martial arts movies. So skills is an important factor to them. It’s all about predicting your opponent moves and reacting accordingly.  There are 2 types of defense: “Guard” which blocks your foe’s weapon attack/skill and “Reflect” which is a martial art move that makes you counter attack your foe.

Overall, I’m intrigued to see what they’ll do with this game. I thought I’d give it some light for those who may be interested like I am. Hopefully they game doesn’t end up a pay-to-win mess. Anyways, check out the gameplay below and let me know what you think about the game. You can also check out Hunter’s Arena Legend website here!

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