Can we take a moment and appreciate Fire Force Episode 10 – The Promise in the fact that Joker literally flexed on all of us with that Apple Airpods. My man eavesdropping with style. Aside from that we learned a lot about the world of Fire Force, the hierarchy, the captains and then meaning behind the Adolla Burst!

So as things escalate with the Evangelist, the Emperor of the country calls in all eight of the captains for an emergency meeting. This was a great opportunity to see all captains in one place. As it turns out, the Evangelist are looking for people like Shinra, or more specifically, Shinra himself now that they are aware of his existence. So the now plan is to protect him while, learning more about  this secret organisation. However, the scene with Joker yielded the most interesting information. As it turns out, Shinra’s brother is the commander of the Evangelist Order of Knights.

This present an interesting turn of events for Shinra. That also was my favorite scene, the dynamic shots and visual of Joker and Shinra’s interaction was really great. I can’t tell if the Joker is a neutral party in all of this yet, or if he’s just leading Shinra into the right position for him to capture Shinra. All we know is that he’s some creepy dude who unnecessarily flexed on all of us with his airpod, so he’s bad in my book.

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Aside from all of this, Arthur has returned from his journey, all casually like nothing happened. I really did enjoy that scene. No explanation, no nothing. We’re just expected to accept it and move on. I’m telling you, he’s up to something. Nah, but on a serious note, I really am enjoying the humour and bonds these guys share. They do a great job with those moments. The character progression so far has being great too. Shinra is a lot more of a complex character than I gave him credit. I guess I’m just so used to the typical goofy looking main protagonist of a shonen anime being dumb that whenever Shinra is engaged in dialogue, he’s responses never match his face, meanwhile Arthur over here embodies everything.

Overall, great episode! I can’t wait to see how Sho will be introduced into the fray. I’m gonna guess he’s going to be an over-powered user of the Adolla Burst for sure. Man, their fight is going to be insane!

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