Even though I’m enjoying these casual, somewhat slice of life science stuff in Dr. STONE Episode 11, I’m about ready to see some change of pace!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really enjoying the progression of Senku and the Kingdom of Science and how they’ll rapidly evolving past all man’s accomplishments, but I’m starting to get a bit anxious for something to happen, like what went down between Senku and Tsukasa. Maybe I’m getting a bit impatient but I’d like to see some actions soon. They did explain why Suika seems to always wear that watermelon helmet. As it turns out, she’s short-sighted and needs the helmet to see, so Senku goes and makes her some glasses to help her see. They even got the help of a old man who turned out to be a master artisan.


I will say, for a guy that only cares about science, he’s very observed of people around him. For him to have picked up on Suika’s nearsightedness was impressive in my books. It’s also clear now that the internet has declared Suika to be a person that needs to be protected at all cost, however that face when she squints  is something else. Anyways, there’s not much to say in this episode, they’re going down on a quest to get silver so hopefully that lead to some unexpected twist and turns. Like I said, I’m enjoying this anime for what it is, and seeing them going from one hut which Chrome built for his collection to now a section with various building to make all the things need to advance their kingdom. Progress is being made and it’s fun to see them grow and evolve. Although, I am starting to get anxious in what led to the green light that turned humanity to stone. Hopefully, the story makes some progress in that soon.

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