I’ve seen a lot of hate, or at the very least, annoyance when it comes to Pokemon Sword and Shield. Every time they post a new update for the game, you’ll always find someone complaining about something. These complaints are all fair for the most part, but the thing that strikes me as funny is that, this game will still be consumed by the very same people who complain about Pokemon Sword & Shield and do really well, sales wises.

This may sound odd, but I pay very close attention to various groups of people and influencers and what they say online. I try to gauge their integrity and see if they tend to live by their words. What I’ve come to learn is that, people will complain just to complain and then just line up the very next day to pick up their copy of the game they’ve bashed all month long. Am I saying that Gamefreak is in the right in re-using animation from past games? No! Is it the worst thing they could do? No! Am I saying that cutting out almost half, if not more, of the Pokedex for Sword & Shield? Eh, debatable! Does it suck? Yes, but it’s not the end of the world.


My point is that, Gamefreak has made it clear that they have no intention on changing what they’re doing with Pokemon Sword and Shield and have made a collective decision of their plans with the Pokemon series. So it really comes down you as the consumer make one of the following three option:

  1. Complain online until the game comes out, and then buy it afterwards.
  2. Buy the game and enjoy it for what it is!
  3. Don’t buy the game, but still spend energy criticizing it!
  4. Or don’t buy the game and move on to make a point!

This sounds harsh, and it is, but it’s the reality of matter. I’m in a bit of a fortunate position myself. Since I haven’t played every single installment, I’m left with a situation where every Pokemon game I do play, feels fresh and new. I understand that for those that do purchase the latest and greatest Pokemon game that it’s disappointing when there’s no major improvements but if we’re being completely honest, the Pokemon formula has not changed in years. You’re bound to hit a stomp eventually.  That’s just my thoughts on it. I’m fine with critiquing a game, however, there comes a time when you just gotta accept that there’s a chance that saying/typing words alone won’t help and your next course of action is to speak with you wallet, otherwise, you’re wasting you time.

Let me know your thoughts on it

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