So we didn’t get that head pat from Nezuko like I predicted, but that look away in disgust act is still good enough. However, what did strike me as a bit odd is whether or not Nezuko is even aware of her actions. Either way, it’s some powerful programming. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 23 if anything, highlighted how these Hashiras that are supposed to be the best demon fighters and hate demons, are the one’s acting the most demonic in their inability to empathize with another human.

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I get that they couldn’t take the risk of letting a demon roam free, but at least what they could’ve done is give Tanjiro the benefits of the doubt and see. If it weren’t for the Master, they would have killed him on the spot. It’s funny that Nezuko got character developed in this episode, despite not saying a single word. The only other interesting thing that we got from the episode is Inosuke sudden change in character. Realising that he’s weak and losing his voice, the man’s spirit was completely broken. It’ll be very interesting to see if this leads to a more calmer and collective Inosuke. Hopefully this newfound clam rubs off Zenistu too. He could really use it. Every time I start to like Zenitsu as a character, that irritating yelling shatters any chances of it.

Overall, there really isn’t anything more to talk about. I am now curious to see what relation the Master and Muzan have that led to this massive hatred for him. Could it be that he’s the one that blinded him long ago? It be cool to learn more about that.

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