After that last scene in Fire Force Episode 9, I’m convinced that Arthur knows what the heck he’s doing. There’s no way anyone can get lost that far and still put on a smile like that! Watch, Arthur is the true culprit of the flames of Sol. Also, I’m amazed at Tamaki’s constant predicament with Shinra. Every time, I expect her to slap, kick or do something to Shinra but she just lets it slide. I’m not used to seeing this in anime lol

I have to say, I’m really enjoying the fights scenes in this anime, the choreography are pretty damm dope and that music really complements it well. Although I was a bit confused by the power scaling between Rekka and Shinra, considering that Rekka’s a lieutenant with battle experience and Shinra is just a newbie. Of course, I’m not knocking Shinra down or anything. He used his mobility and his environment to his advantage pretty well and that led to his victory but I was a bit shocked that Rekka didn’t showcase the powers that made him a 1st Company lieutenant. I also was surprised that Shinra made that comment of his flames been on equal potency with Rekka’s. On top of that, what’s also interesting is that if a user uses their flames too much or exceeds a certain temperature, it actually hurts them, so they’re not immune to their own flames.

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At least now we know the goal, or a vague idea of what the Evangelist are after! Their “goal” is to turn Earth into a second sun. Now, how much of that is really the truth remains to be seen but I’m guessing they’re either misguided by they goal or the natural force or being that’s turning people into Infernal is deceiving them. That’s what I’m guessing! Rekka being killed and that other guy losing his arm was a surprise. The whole thing adds more mystery to this infernal case, and at this point I’m starting to think that people aren’t just combusting on their own. These bugs that Rekka has being carrying are probably let loose at random at first to see who they land on, giving off this sense of “supernatural” event. After that, they’ve decided to control who they turn into Infernals. Rekka did mention something about a Adolla Burst, an untainted flame that Shinra possess. From what we’ve learned, there’s three of them, two of them probably with the Evangelist.  I’m guessing that Shinra’s flames are closer to the source of these flame or Sol thing.

Overall, this episode was hype. Keep an eye out on that Arthur fellow, he’s up to something.

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