We learned a few new things about Gen as a character and his connection with Tsukasa. As it turns out, his revival wasn’t random. Dr. STONE Episode 10 finally showed us Gen’s answer!

I thought it was odd that Senku and Taiju knew who Tsukasa was even before reviving him. As it turns out he once made an appearance on a TV show with Gen, where he displayed his abnormal strengths to the world. So Tsukasa is only reviving people that he knows from his life and those that he deems useful to his endeavor in creating a better world. They also explained the villages traditional rule when picking their next elder, in which Kohaku beat Magma to protect her sister.

So the basis of the episode was preparing both Kinro and Ginro to face off against Magma in order to stop him from becoming the next Elder. I can already see them getting their asses beat by this guy. It’s clear that Chrome is going to step in and probably use some tricks up his sleeves to win. It’s either him or Senku! However given Senku’s personality, I’d wager it’s Chrome who’ll step up when all seems grim, I mean they gave us that backstory so it’s looks more like it. Still, I also feel like this episode gave us a slight insight into the mindset of Gen, Chrome and to an extent Tsukasa, showing us what it is that motivates them.



Gen’s motivation was the most simplistic and materialistic of them all. All this man wanted was Cola. He’s risking getting killed by Tsukasa for a bottle of Cola. Seeing that cola on the screen reminded me that some of  these guys, despite how the anime is making it seem like they’re having fun, are basically suffering. No cola, no sweets, no electronics, no nothing.

So then again, I can see why Gen would betray Tsukasa. Heck, I feel like all the people that Tsukasa revived may also betray him if Senku presents them with something from the past they may miss. Overall, this episode was interesting to see what choice Gen would make in this feud between Kingdom of Science vs Empire of Tsukasa. I doubt Tsukasa believes Gen, so it’ll be interesting to see what he does next with that information. Does he send his people over to conquer it? Or just continue on building his empire?

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