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Is Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Movie Glorifying Mass Murdering? Is It Really Going Lead People Into Sympathizing With Killers & Terrorist?

So, this was something that I had no clue about until a few hours ago. As it turns out, a lot of people online are fearful that the new DC Joker movie, starring Joaquin Phoenix is somehow going to make people sympathize with actually individuals who go out of their way to commit mass shooting and terrorist attacks.

I’ll get right to the point. People online are concerned that the new Joker movie is somehow a love letter to all the deranged white males in America who have committed mass murder or terrorist attacks. They’re fearful that this movie will somehow glorify or even worse, justify the actions of the people who’ve committed these heinous atrocities. To soften their fault, and to somehow blame society for their wrong doings. In a sense, strengthen the idea that people (in this case white males) are only able to commit these mass murdering spree because they’ve suffered by the hands of society and therefore have become mentally unstable when committing these acts of terror. You know, the whole mentally unstable excuse and lies the US government and media feeds its people.

Now, I sat there for a minute and thought about it. For as much as I’d like to call this idea or notion ridiculous (which it is), I have to admit, it does sound probable that this movie could in theory cause certain people to be more sympathetic to white male mass murderers (I’ve seen some tweets of people claiming this movie as “theirs” so take that as you will) who the media constantly seem to refer to them as “mentally unstable”!


However, the groups of people who would sympathies with mass murders, terrorist or a mass shooter for example are already fucked up in their heads. I doubt that the average, well-thinking citizen would walk into a movie about a clown who’s only goal is to bring laughter to the world in the most twisted and chaotic way possible, is going to walk out thinking, “man, I really do feel bad for all the people who’ve mercilessly slaughtered innocent people“! You’d have to be a special case in the head for that thought process to happen.

No, I think people are overreacting to some degree. I mean aside from the cancel culture, it is telling that now, people are just fed up, or have finally woken up to the lies the media likes to tell them about these mass shooters, and have realized that these shooters are not mentally challenged, but terrorist. However, when I saw all the trailer for the Joker, NOT ONCE did it occur to me that I should feel bad for all these bastards who’ve gone to the public streets and taken the lives on the innocent. This is fiction, based on a clown who’s known to be crazy in the head, based on one of the three versions of the Joker. It’s nothing new.

Still, it is good that people are more socially aware of subliminal messages, but I think that this time, it’s a bit of an overreaction. I personally don’t think the movie is going to turn people into sympathies of killers. I’m confident that the majority can separate reality from fiction for 2 hours to be entertained by an actor’s performance of a legacy character. And also if people sympathies with the Joker, if anything, it’s a sign of great writing. Wouldn’t be the first time in movie history that we’ve cared for the bad guy or at least understood his motives and certainly won’t be the last. Don’t stress it man!

But hey, that’s just my thoughts on it, let me know your in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Is Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Movie Glorifying Mass Murdering? Is It Really Going Lead People Into Sympathizing With Killers & Terrorist?

  1. People are definitely overreacting, someone would have to be a mental case to shoot a place up let alone start to feel that shooters are justified. It seems like people seem to not understand that feeling sympathetic towards a bad person or writing a villain who you can feel sympathetic for doesn’t mean that you’re saying that what they did/do is justified. It can just be you simply understanding why they feel that way. I can see why people have a problem with bad things or people being shown in a sympathetic light but I don’t agree with them because you have to understand what makes someone do something, especially in a real-world application because it can lead to a solution.

    As far as writing a sympathetic Villian, it’s a necessity. A villain has to have a motivation or a cause since no one is just evil because…well evil. If you make a character who does messed up things for no reason then you have an uninteresting, paper-thin antagonist as opposed to an actual character. An example of a good villain (((Sorry for this upcoming spoiler))) would be Edelgard from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She’s written in a way that once you play her route you just feel really sympathetic towards her despite the atrocious things she did. You know they’re bad but you know why she did what she did, when she does in other routes its heart-wrenching.

    1. At this point, people are taking an almost puritan approach to it. If it’s not “moral” then they don’t want it to be shown or talked about. Tbh, it seems like the whole situation around the Joker movie might be smoke and mirrors because some people might just not like it or they’re trying to get more attention on the movie.

      Edelgard’s route is kinda meh tbh, its the best starter route but it felt a bit rushed in comparison to the other routes, especially since this should’ve gone like the ending of the Golden Deer route. Like after the time skip she becomes a flat character. It’s good and fun but could’ve been better. Hell, I wish they’d drop the DLC because that story content has me a bit intrigued.

      1. The sad part is that people do it for the clout but in the end, it just gets the end it gets them a day of looking stupid. The Golden Deer route definitely is the canon route, it really kinda tied up the loose ends and did the necessary explaining.

        The characters were all good, they did one hell of a job making you feel attached to the ones who were and weren’t in you’re house. They even did some subtle things with characters like Marianne by not having show up after the time skip if she’s not in your house.

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