Alright, late to the party but I have to say, this Fire Force Episode 8 really stepped up the conspiracy theory on who’s been making those artificial  infernal. I have to say it was quite tense and suspenseful in how they handled that episode.

So as it turns out, the lieutenant, Rekka Hoshimiya is the one behind all the artificial infernal. Who would’ve guessed? No serious, I mean in terms of generics, I should have somewhat seen that coming, the over-hyper guys are usually the one behind the creepy stuff but I will admit, he had me fooled. Not once did it cross my mind that it could have been him. However, when Shinra caught all three of them in that alley way, I just assumed they all were behind it.

maxresdefault (63)

Apparently, Rekka is trying to create this Pilot Star that can harness the powers of the Infernal. We didn’t get anymore information about his end goal but what’s clear is that he’s very passionate about it. Now something that struck me odd while I was watching this episode is that weird buzz thing that occurs on Shinra’s feet or his ankle to be more precise. That’s no normal ability a third generation tends to have, so that leads me to believe that Shinra may have been artificial created and is somehow in sync with any other beings like him. Like how some insects tend to have hive-mind like abilities. I mean, how else can he tell when something like an artificial infernal is being created. I have to say that this is turning into something a lot more interesting than I would’ve expected from this anime.

Overall, I was very engrossed by this direction of Fire Force and how suspenseful it ended up. I can’t wait to see how the two-part episode concludes.

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