Science is quite exhilarating.! This anime has really come to make me be appreciative of all the things I’ve taken for granted as a 21st century man. That last scene really made the whole episode for me.

So in this week’s episode, we got introduced to another new character by the name Gen Asagiri, a magician and a mentalist in his time. Apparently Tsukasa sent him out to confirm whether Senku was really dead. This guy looks cool but that personality of his is another thing. I still can’t figure out if we can trust him this guy just yet but for now, he seems to be motivated by things like Harem (a cultured man) and other trivial things. Kohaku seems to be able to see right through his bullshit, which is pretty impressive when you think about.


Anyways, the process of them creating electricity was fun to watch. It’s these moments that really make the episode, watching them do what should be the impossible in that time period, while explaining it with actual real science. I’m also really starting to dig the humor in this anime. Now it’s more and more casually sprinkled around which is nice. However, it’s that last section of the anime that really made the episode. When Senku started talking about how humanity conquered the night, I sat there thinking to myself “oh shit, we really did”! It’s not something we  don’t think about at all often until either something points it out or we have it taken away from us. It’s partly why I really enjoy DR.STONE, it highlights how far we’ve come in such a simple way.

Overall, once again another cool episode. With Gen’s description of Tsukasa’s kingdom, at least we have a small idea of what’s it like over there.

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