So I’ve seen talks and argument about Disney’s option of going with the weekly basis strategy. I don’t think people understand that this is actually a better, and quite frankly a smarter option than what Netflix is doing from a business point of view.

Netflix’s is infamous for it’s binge strategy, that’s pretty much where its strength comes from. However, Netflix’s strength has also always been it’s biggest weak point too. When people binge watch whatever series they want, they talk about it for about a week and then move on. Not only that but once that binge session is complete, there’s no longer any reason to keep the subscription, so people cancel it.This has been one of the few reasons why Netflix has been losing profits over the past few years. They have the quality, but without that constant stream of revenue, it’s leads to loses. It’s not a viable business model.


Disney on the other hand made the smarter decision to make their shows weekly, enticing people in keeping their subscription for the long run. Not only that but weekly series are generally more talked about that one that’s binged. It somewhat builds a sense of community, knowing that every week everyone’s eagerly waiting to see the next episode and share their opinions. Of course that subjective but still valid argument to be made.From business point it makes sense. People can complain all the want but a the end of the day, they have two choices, go with Netflix or go with Disney+. Either way, Disney made the right call here.

Well, there is another hidden option but that’s for the brave ones willing to traverse the high seas. Anyways, that’s just my opinion on things, let me know yours in the comments below.

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