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Warner Bros. Pictures released the final trailer for the Joker and just like the first time I saw the trailer, I’m still as excited to see this me as I was back then. I genuinely feel like this Joker movie might be another hit for DC, joining the ranks along with Wonder Woman and the Batman trilogy.

I’m really liking the approach they are taking with this version of the Joker. Now, I won’t sit here and act like I know every version of the Joker that’s out there in the DC universe, heck this might be a new version or one that might be based on the Silver Age Joker (“Clown Prince of Crime”) but either way, this one is looking to be quite the experience as we watch this man descend into madness. There really isn’t much to say about this trailer. Joaquin Phoenix performs as the Joker, even from the two minute trailer was amazing. I really hope I’m not wrong for getting this hype for a DC movie.


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