After months of pondering on what the heck Death Stranding might be, we finally got some tiny bit of Intel that may have shed some light on what this game is going to be all about.

It’s a walking simulator. No, I actually mean it! According to Gamesradar, who had a chance on trying out the game for themselves, they described it as follows:

Death Stranding is a game about walking. As Sam Porter Bridges (or as you probably know him, Normal Reedus trapped in the uncanny valley), you are tasked with walking from the East coast of America to the West, reactivating various communication nodes along the way in an effort to spread a message of hope to a nation that has become fragmented and disconnected, taking the idea of unity to pockets of an isolated populous that trades in ambivalence rather than love. That is Death Stranding. 


Yeah, this single paragraph alone has giving me a whole new perspective on what to expect from Kojima’s latest piece. And you know what, NOW I’m actually a bit excited for this game. I guess the reason why I’m suddenly enticed by this game is that it closely reminds me of  another game named Journey. I really enjoyed the simplicity of that game, not only for the sheer beauty of the world, but also for it’s amazing portrayal of a journey to the top of the spire. It was an experience that caught many by surprise.

So yeah, now I’m fully interested in experiencing something similar to Journey in Death Stranding as Sam traverses across America. Of course, it won’t be EXACTLY like Journey, nothing ever will, but something in the same genre like Journey would still be a welcome addition. Of course, what made Journey fun to play was the aesthetic choice. Death Stranding is going for a more photo-realistic approach which will sharply shape everyone’s experience when it come to exploration and that’s also everyone biggest fear, that it will become boring after a while.

Well, then again, that’s just my interpretation of this paragraph. If you have your own, please let me know in the comments below.

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