OK, now this Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 21 gave me that reason to care for Rui that was missing in the last episode, even if it’s just slightly. And it also brought up the age old question of what’s Muzan’s objective in all this is even all about.

I’m starting to see what they’re trying to pull here. Each time a demon is slain by the hands of these demon slayer, we all get sad about it once we learn of their past. However, what hadn’t dawned my mind was the anger and hatred that has manifested towards Muzan after seeing him in this episode. When he showed up, I was constantly trying to understand why the hell was he doing the things that he’s doing. Was it to set these people up to understand their wrong doings of their lives? Or is this just some sick game to him, that he enjoys destroying people’s life for his own game? Either way, I’ve never wanted him more dead than I do now. When Tanjiro kills him, it’s going to be sweet. Or maybe I should be more like Tanjiro here, learn to forgive and be empathetic with Muzan.


Now what I hadn’t expected was for Giyu to step in and protect Nezuko like that. As far as I recall, he wasn’t aware that Nezuko was still alive. So because of this revelation, the HQ of the corp decided now was the time to call in Tanjiro and Nezuko into questioning. It should be interesting to see what their reaction is going to be once they realize that Nezuko is a docile demon who actually protects humans as opposed to killing them.


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