The members of Company 5 and 8 get together for a cookout, ostensibly to celebrate a successful nighttime training exercise. It was here that we learned that these infernals, well some of them, might be man created, and the 1st are the prime suspect of these crimes.

Using the bylaws of the Special Fire Force, Obi gets Shinra and Arthur temporarily assigned to the 1st to investigate it. Things were pretty cool for the most part. We got introduced to the lieutenants of the 1st, and got a glimpse of their Captain Burns’s strength, which is leaps and bounds greater than anything we’ve come across so far. The fact that the guy’s skin is tough enough to withstand Arthur’s Excalibur is crazy. I won’t lie that the fights weren’t as epic as I’d hope and aside from the plot now moving into investigation stage, not much really happened. 

Enen no Shouboutai - 03 - Large 10.jpg

Overall, I guess we will have to see if their hunch was correct on this one and whether or not the Captain has anything to do with the creation of these infernals. I did enjoy the comedic aspect of the episode as always and well, you can’ go wrong with these fan service we seem to get every episode.

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