Right, I’m really not sure what to even talk about here. Don’t get me wrong, Dr. STONE Episode 8 was fun as hell to watch but aside from Ruri’s mysterious knowledge on various things that should be out of their scope, the rest of it barely even warrants a review.

I mean, Ruri knowing a lot of the things that she does and teaching it to the other villagers does warrant suspicion but it could be she at least traveled around a bit to see some of these animals. Although, she those know something from Dragon Quest, that Momotaro thing. How she came across a name like  that is something worth noting. Aside from that the only other thing that sparked my interest was Kohaku’s exile from the village. That’s something I’d like to learn more about.


The rest of the episode was just them trying to create iron in order to get one step closer to making that antibiotics for Ruri. So they spent some time by the river collecting iron sands using magnets. After trying to turn it into iron, they realized that thy needed more people, so this is where the new character shined and spied on people to get intel.

I really enjoyed seeing their overexerted faces whenever something happens. But yeah, like I said there really isn’t much to talk about. We got a brand new character by the name of Suika who wears a mask and wants to be useful. Overall, it was good episode in my book. At this point I really want to know what Tsukasa is up to and whether or not he’s built an empire of his own or just killing a bunch of people.

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