So for the most part, out every single MCU movie that was revealed for Phase 4, none caused more of a stir that Thor: Love and Thunder. And for good reasons.

I think a lot of people who are championed the idea of Jane Foster as “Mighty Thor”, “Thor” or “She-Thor”, seem to be missing the point when folks from the comic community argue that calling Jane Foster, “Thor”, is disingenuous to the characters name and also logically makes no sense, given that Thor is a name, a birth name given to him by Odin. It’s like for example, you go out and save a cat from a tree, someone calls you a hero, and another person decides to use your actually birth-name as a mantle. I dunno, weird example but I hope you get where I’m coming from.

See, no one actually has any issues with Jane Foster INHERITING the power’s of Thor, the problem that many of us tend to have is that Jane Foster is just coasting off of an already established Legacy character. The truth of the matter is that Marvel knows that Jane Foster is not an interesting character, but people will check out a comic or movie if the name Thor is attached to it. Here’s a perfect example of this in the anime world. There’s an anime called Boruto, the continuation of the famous Naruto anime, that’s been airing for some time now.


Now whenever they’re about to promote anything revolving this anime, Naruto’s name is always attached to the product to get people’s interest and attention. Boruto’s name just doesn’t have that marketing strength like Naruto does. Marvel is recycling Thor’s name to pander to a demographic and tick the check list of diversity.

That’s the true issue here. And it’s frustrating that people will try to either call you a misogynistic asshole for calling it out or try and come up with a lame excuse to try and justify this decision. In fact, it really just send an unintended message that female heroes are unable to succeed without attaching themselves unto an already well- established male comic book hero. And it also doesn’t help that the director, Taika Waititi has made is agenda very clear to all of us.

Anyways, that’s my take on it.

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