I made a video over at my YouTube channel talking about my annoyance with old people who are clearly out of touch with reality, blaming video games for the cause of a horrific mass shooting that took place in El Paso. I wanted to continue the discussion.

I tell you exactly what I think of these US politician, telling the world that video games have a correlation to people committing crimes in real life, it’s bullshit. It’s them using video games as a scapegoat once again to avoid addressing the real issue that plaguing their country. How dare they make such a baseless correlation with no facts or research backing up their bogus claims.


There are million upon million of gamers worldwide, in different countries, all whom enjoy this past time and somehow these countries do not experience even a fraction of the mass shootings that takes place in America. Gamers across the world have done more good for the community than most would like to admit. From hosting charities events to simple creating a place for like-minded people to come together, it has and always will be a force for good and the fact that these US politician want to taint the image of gaming is beyond sickening.

Once again, we have to defend a hobby that has brought joy and happiness to millions instead of just really tackling the main issues which allows mass shooting to take place in America so frequently. They know the answers, we know the answers so let’s stop beating around the bushes and do something about it.

If you missed my video, you can find it here!

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