In a first, we actually got to see an infernal who was able to retain their awareness and we also got to see more of the unusual dynamic of the Fire Forces companies, with the introduction of the Company 5th department in Fire Force Episode 4 – The Hero and the Princess.

It goes without saying that this episode has introduced what many will consider waifu material. Fire Force not only blesses the dammed infernal souls as they from this realm, but also the viewers eyes with great fan service. Aside from all that, a call mistakenly comes in to Company 8 to rescue a dog out of a tree, to which Shinra and Arthur respond. However, when an Infernal suddenly appears, that turns out be self-aware at the district courthouse, the two must play catch-up to join the rest of the company.

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This is pretty interesting for me as it could mean that they’ll be more of his kind to show up later on in the series. To be fair, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these infernal ends up joining Company 8th. Now, aside from that, we did get some lore about the world and how the citizen have been responding to the firefighters. Like I mentioned before, the guy Miyamoto had been charged for the murder of four people while on duty as a fire fighter and thus the trust in them have declined, to the point of people attacking or harassing others in that line of work to express their frustrating with them.

Anyways, the 5th Company was pretty interesting to see, especially their interaction within one another. We have know idea what the Princess of the 5th Company is going to do with that self-aware infernal but it’s save to say that they make find a way to harness the power for themselves, even though, from how Shinra was handling the guy, he didn’t seem all that a powerful. So now we have an idea of what type of dynamic these companies have with each other and what Company 8th has to deal with if they want to learn the truth.

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