In my last review, I talked about how Senku might have cracked his neck to set it up in a way so that when Tsukasa hit him in the neck, he wouldn’t out right die. However, as it turns out, Senkuu had been slowly conditioning Tsukasa to think of his neck. Man, this guy really out here playing long term 5D chess right now. As it turns out in Dr. STONE Episode 5 – Stone World The Beginning, he never released his neck from the petrification. Whether he this planned from the beginning is unfathomable to be honest.

Either way, the idea of him planning this from the moment Tsukasa came into the picture is very impressive. I’m really liking Senku’s personality and attitude in this anime. Most character when they get cocky, they tend to get on my nerves, but when Senku gets cocky with the fact that he has science on his side, it feels more enjoyable because we know he’s not stupid.

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The majority of the episode mostly showed how Senku went about getting himself adjusted to the new world. Aside from that, the first few section of the episode really highlighted Taiju and Yuzuriha’s capabilities. These two were able to think on their feet and used the gun powder that they made to create a window of opportunity for them to escape.

And they were also able to pick up on Senku’s plan as well. So it’s safe to say that these two are quite clever and capable of much more than what we’ve been led to believe. Overall, there wasn’t much progress in terms of story, but we did get more character development for all three of them so that’s a win on my book.

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