So just as I kind of predicated, there are others who’ve managed to escape their stone prison, however we did not get to meet them in Dr. STONE Episode 4. Instead, we got a stand-off between Senku and Tsukasa.

The first portion of the episode focused more so on Senku explaining the ingredient for making gun powder while Tsukasa was on hot pursuit. I found it funny that you had Mecha-Senku pop up to warn everyone that the ingredients are real and not to try it at home. I’d be hard pressed to believe someone is going to go out of their way to try something they’ve seen in an anime, but then again we had the Tide Pod challenge so I guess it’s great that they added that disclaimer. Taiju also decided not to tell Yuzuriha how he felt towards her until they saved and restored civilization. To me, I didn’t get it but honestly, I didn’t care enough to question it.

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It didn’t take long for Tsukasa to catch up to them and seize Yuzuriha as hostage, using her as a leverage to persuade Senku to abandon science for good. It was here that we got a flashback to Senku’s childhood and where his interest in science began. I won’t lie, it was kind of heart-warming to see the sacrifices that Senku’s dad made for him. From encouraging his son to chase his dream, to selling his car to buy all the items and equipment he’ll need to jump start his ambition, this is what being a parent is all about. Once again, my perception of Tsukasa continues to change as now there no doubt that he’s probably just as smart as Senku, even being able to figure out the fourth ingredient to the gun powder. OK, so I won’t say he’s as smart as Senku, but just below him, enough to pose a serious threat.

The ultimatum that was given to Senku was one that held no true meaning to Senku as naturally rejected the offer and was supposedly killed by Tsukasa. Of course, we know he’s not dead but I have an idea how he might survive the attack. If you’ve noticed, Senku keeps cracking his neck, something that’s been a pet peeve of mine since the first episode. What if he prearranged his neck in such a way that it mitigated the full blow of Tsukasa’s strike. That’s the only way I see him surviving it.

Anyways, overall this was a good episode.

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