If the opening movie of this game is anything to go by, then you know we’re in for one hell of an emotional journey with Digimon Survive. I can sense it.Honestly, I’d watch an anime series based on the Digimon Survive game if they ever decide to go that route. Mostly because I know that in this game, consequences are a thing. Partly why I’m excited for this game. The opening movie for this game did a really good in giving us a vibe for what these characters are going to be all about. We even got to see some new characters too, which I’m sure they’ll also play an important role to the story.

The reason for why I said that this game is going to be an emotional journey, if done correctly of course, is the fact that we know that characters can die in Digimon Survive based on the decisions you make. So that alone will make players more enticed to care for their favorite tamers and get attached to them, resulting in them being focused to keeping them alive. It’s unfortunate that we’ll have to wait a few more months before the game comes out but, I’d prefer a polished game over a rushed on so they can take their time with it.

Digimon Survive is set for a 2020 releases and is planned for PS4, X1, PC, Switch

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