So I wanted to wait a bit until more info came out in regards to this horrific event that to place at Kyoto Animation in which a unidentified man decided to go to their studio and set their building on fire, killing more than 30 people and injuring several more in the process.

I’d like to start off by sending my condolences to the families of those affected by this attack. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain that they’re going through right now. According to the reports, this tragedy occurred around 10 am Japan time, in which this unidentified man allegedly entered Kyoto Animation’s 1st Studio Building in Fujimi Ward, Kyoto City and sprayed an unidentified liquid, possibly gasoline, on the floors around the building before igniting it.

I can’t even begin to process what could have possessed this man to commit was has reportedly being called the worst casualty in nearly two decades and the worst mass murder in Japan post-World War II. Kyoto Animation was founded in 1981 by producer Yoko Hatta and her husband, Hideaki, and employs around 160 people. The company has done numerous features and TV series, such as K-ON!, Violet Evergarden: The Movie and A Silent Voice: The Movie.

I’m personally not too familiar with this studio or their work but upon looking into it, I have heard that they treat their animators well and have attained a good reputation among their peers in the industry for how they handle employment of animators. Once again, I send my condolences.

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