Things really got interesting in Dr. STONE Episode 3 as we learn just how much of a threat Tsukasa really is to Senku and well the rest of humanity.

At first I assumed that Senku would be able to just outsmart Tsukasa quite easily, with the biggest threat just been his athleticism and fighting skills. However, as we’ve seen in the episode, Tsukasa is no fool as is capable in figuring out almost everything Senku plans, making him even more of a threat to the guys. Even though Taiju is strong and built like a tank, he took just one attack for him to be bleeding from his head. He also makes his intention clear to the rest, that he plans to cull all adults from this world, and if anyone tries to stops him, he’ll just kill them too. Aside from that, they finally revived Yuzuriha so it’ll be interesting to see what she’ll add to the team, seeing as Senku is the brain and Taiju, the brawn.


Whats also interesting about Tsukasa is that he had a chance to try and manipulate Taiju after he explained his reasoning for not attacking back, probably by lying or something, but he kept it honest. Which makes him kinda hard to read from a viewers perspective. What I mean  by this is that we’ve all gotten used to bad guys all having some type of hidden agenda so I guess I expect the same from him. Either way, things are looking very grim for the guys since now Senku’s only other option is to create the weapon of science, aka a gun. Which Tsukasa also figured out as well, quite quickly too. I actually found it funny how Tsukasa reacted to the realization of the gun, like that is something akin to Superman’s kryptonite weakness in terms of his weakness. Overall, I’m really enjoying this anime so far. I like how “somewhat” grounded the anime has been in terms of science. And the humor int his anime has been top-notch so far.

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