Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 15 takes the three demon slayer to the north-northwest, towards a mountain. Tanjiro and Nezuko head towards Mount Natagumo with Zenitsu and Inosuke.  As we quickly learn, the mountain is covered with spider webs and is swarming with innumerable spiders. It’s already clear whose causing all these spiders to show up.

It looks like the spider demon uses spiders to manipulate the bodies of the 10 demon slayer that came before Tanjoro. To be honest, nothing much actually happened in this episode. I mean, we learned that Inosuke has spacial awareness, akin to Tanjiro’s nose and Zenistu’s ears. After that, one of the spider demons shows up and proclaims that no one will break their bonds, probably something related to his past life as a human.


If anything, you could say that this arc, if want to call it that, will be centered around Inosuke character development. I mean he’s learning what it means to be more human and seems to enjoy having people praise him or treat him nicely. The first portion of the episode really was just the guys goofing off so I didn’t feel the need to discuss it in depth like that. Although, it does look like the guys won’t be able to deal with this new threat on their own, as the leader or coordinator of the demon slayer corp is sending in Hashiras to the mix. So we’ll get to see what Shinobou and Giyo can really do against high level threats.

Overall, the episode was alright. I still wish that Zenitsu will step up his game and stop being a little bitch already.

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