Fire Force Episode 2 introduces Arthur Boyle, the self-professed “Knight King,” to Company 8 and a potential rival to Shinra. We also got a more emotional aspect to the killing of the Infernals. 

With the introduction of Arthur Boyle there are tensions between him and Shinra. However, it doesn’t seem be the extreme kind, but more of a friendly rival nature. Anyways, aside from Maki giving them a quick sparring match to test the new recruits, once again there’s another Infernal that has sprung up. This time however, we didn’t get a crazy fight scene. Instead we got to see the emotional side of the Company’s job and how they’re not actually putting the Infernal to rest but simply killing them. And if that doesn’t make matters any worse, it is implied that the humans, despite losing all senses, these humans still endure all the pain that comes with it. It really interesting and really adds weight whenever they do put them to “rest”!


Of course, nothing ever goes as planned and the team is soon attacked by a mysterious figure. There’s little known about the guy that attacked them but that alone was enough to tick Obi, who prior to entering the building told the boys to hide away their weapons to not let people know their in fact killing the Infernals. Overall, I liked this episode a lot. It added more personality to each of the characters. It was a great contrast to the first episode as it highlighted less action and more focus on the emotional aspect of killing infernal.

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