Alright, I’m starting to like the direction this anime is going. Dr. STONE Episode 2 – King of the Stone World adds another character to the mix, this time a superhuman fighter by the name of Tsukasa Shishiou.

After deciding to finally bring Yuzuriha Ogawa, they were attacked by some lions, forcing them to alter their plans and instead bring Tsukasa to live. As soon as he came to, he immediately asked them what’s their situation. I mean, we all knew this guy was a major threat by the way he was petrified, but his calmness even alerted Senku. Any normal human would have started to freak out after been trapped in what may as well have been hell for over 3,000 years. Anyways, this guy is no joke! He literally kills a lion with one punch, which defies all logic. Well, I have heard of a man killing a lion with his bare hands, but that was a mountain lion. This guy not only kills the lion with a punch, but sends it flying too. If and when he rebels or betrays them, there’s no stopping him. And the fact that he’s mind didn’t go insane after being trapped in stone for over 3,000 years is a testament that he’s smart in his own rights.


After they introduce themselves, Senku tells them that they need calcium carbonate for four specific reason, but later changes it to three after becoming wary of Tsukasa’s true intentions. I’m assume the last step is something lethal, so telling Tsukasa might’ve not been in his best interest

It turns out that Tsukasa goal is that he wants to only save the youth with pure hearts and be rid of the adults who’s heart have been corrupted. This is the dividing goals that will eventually lead tribes, one that seeks to save everyone vs one that want a free world. What I assume will happen is that Tsukasa will try to learn how the serum to unpetrify humanity from Senku and be rid of them. I like how he doesn’t hesitate to start killing off the adults right in front of Senku. It’s really going to be interesting to see how he’ll acquire the means to create this “Stone World”.



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