After a desperate fight to the death from the previous episode, Tanjiro prevails over Kyogai. However in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 14 , his fight doesn’t end there are he now has to face off against the boar beastman.

Alright , it goes without saying that the fight choreography in this weeks episode was beyond clean. I mean, at this point it’s already well established that the visual of this anime is top tier, but that fight sequence between Tanchiro and Inosuke was something else. Even without a sword, Inosuke proved to be quite the formidable foe in hand-to-hand combat, displaying a variety of uncommon technique akin to a wild four-legged beast. If it wasn’t for Tanjiro unnatural strengths, he might have won that.


Aside from that, not much else happened in this episode if I’m been honest. I was even reluctant to review it. After the fight, the rest of it was pretty calm and filler-like. We learned that Inosuke has pretty feminine face despite his brutish appearance, The House of Wisteria Family have dedicated themselves to help all Demon Slayers, and Tanjiro, Zenistu and Inosuke have all somehow suffered rib injuries. So I hoping that the next episode really steps things up.


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