Alright, let me get this out of the way, I haven’t played a Call of Duty game properly since COD MW2, after that I got burned out. Nevertheless, after hearing all the buzz about this new Call of Duty game, the IGN “concern” video and seeing the  reveal trailer, I must say, this might genuinely be the first Call of Duty game that I’m excited for in a long ass time.

The sole reason why I’m excited about this new Call of Duty game is the sheer realism it seems to be adopting when it comes to war. Many games today seem to gloss over just how horrific and terrible war can be and the vast atrocity that are committed in the name of protecting one’s country. All in favor for a more cinematic entertainment.

The IGN video is actually what first made me pay a little more attention towards the new COD game. Too many times have we played war games where the Americans are always painted as the pure and heroic warriors on the battlefield, the line drawers between good and evil. When in fact the actual reality is far from it. War is a muddled mess in which the lines between good and evil are smeared beyond recognition. We don’t get to see that often in games.


IGN’s comments confused me for a lot of on many reasons. These are grown ass people who want a game, that’s planning on depicting the cruel reality of wars that are been fought today (or wars based on headlines) to be toned down. There was even a comment of a “non-violent” version of the game. I mean, you spent years champion for this game in reviews, praising the multiplayer in which people shoot each other to death, but now it’s too real for you?

Now, I won’t attack these people too much, as I can kinda see their point. Most empathetic and sane person would get a sick feeling in their stomach if they had to shoot a woman who just laid their baby to rest. I get that, but it’s showing us a glimpse what is actually happening in many places in the world today. Innocent people die in wars. That’s the grim reality, and they’re highlighting it to the fullest.

Do you really think your country’s soldiers are fighting wars in an honorable and just manner? News flash, there is no such thing as a Just War! We hear how countries around the world are getting bombed every other week, and now we’ll get to experience it, which should hopefully make people more aware of what they’re advocating or ignoring. However, they are free to skip the game. No one is forcing them to play the game. So yeah, that’s why I’m looking forward to the new COD MW game…oh and the graphics looks amazing too.

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