So after years of fighting these titans, the people inside finally have learned the truth about their ancestry. As expected, some believed, some laughed it off and others call it a conspiracy. However, it’s final scene of Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 59 that really hit hard!

The episode really focused on the aftermath of the fight and the toll it took on the scouts that survived. Floch really laid it on them when he pointed out all of the flaws and hypocrisy of the scouts, and the decision that was made to save Armin. I have forgotten that there’s a lot of people who really didn’t agree with the decision made by Levi. More than that, they think they know how it went about, with Eren and the rest acting out of line as scouts, who seemingly begged and committed treason to save their friend. This new tension should shape up to be something interesting for us to see and adds more weight on Armin’s shoulder to prove himself as worthy.

Things didn’t get interesting until Eren took Historia’s hand and saw more vision of his father’s past, which indicated that there’s more to this that what we can expect. I feel like Eren might actually go a-wall if he continues to learn more about why things happen the way that it did.

The scene of them finally seeing the ocean was really cool, in that split second, all their efforts, wars fought and lost comrades finally paid off, until Eren reminded them that their fight isn’t over yet. That despite learning the truth, it just means that the world will continue to hunt them down until every single one of them are dead. Now the end credit scene was the one thing that gave us an insight as to what we can expect to see in Season 4 of Attack on Titan. It seems that the humans on the other side of the walls will be making their attack soon and quite possibly win.

maxresdefault (4).jpg

Or it could be an indication that the Scouts might actually take the war to them first before they have a chance to attack, mounting a full frontal attack. So here’s what I’m thinking: the humans attack first, they capture Armin and Mikasa, which leads to Eren convincing the guys to attack first. I’m basing this on the fact that we see someone holding a shell in the last scene, the same shell that Armin was holding. It could also be what the owl meant when he says ” save Armin and Mikasa”! That’s just my guess here. All we know is that it’s about to get brutal.

It really makes you wonder just how defeated they must feel, that after spending years fighting what seemed to have been their enemy, only to just find out that not only have they been killing off their own kin, but now they must face the entire world’s hatred for them, for simply existing. Overall, I must say it has been an exhilarating experience watching this season. The emotional weight that this season carried was intense to say the least. If anyone has pieced together what the meaning behind those ned credit scene, let me know. I have a fair idea but I feel like I’m missing something.

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