You know, I’ll take back what I said about Zenitsu, he’s alright! Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 13 helped reshape the way I perceived him from the last two episodes.Now this episode didn’t have too much going on in the first half. Every time Kyogai, the master of house, plays his tsuzumi, the room spins and Tanjiro struggles. Despite how Tanjiro was trying to psych himself up, in came to no avail. Debilitated by the fractured bones he sustained in his previous battle, Tanjiro attempts to fire himself up failed. It wasn’t until he avoided Kyogai’s papers did he figure out that he needed to control his breathing to make headway in beating the demon. If anything, the interesting thing didn’t come from the fight itself, more so it came from how Tanjiro is indirectly cleansing the negative emotions of every demon he fights.


His good-heart spirit seems to be where is true strenght lies and even Zenistu picked up on it. Speaking of Zenistu, I jumped the gun and assumed that he was going to be that annoying character, but the last ten minutes of the episode literally gave him one hell of a character development. Now, I’m started to root for the guy to get himself that wife he’s after. Still, learning about Zenitsu’s ability when it comes to hearing and how in-depth it actually works is impressive. Almost as impressive as him protecting Tanjiro’s sister from that Boar guy who, just like Zenitsu, knew that the box contained a demon. Now the episode neds with an enraged Tanjiro so it’ll be interesting to see how he’ll fight with all that injury against a guy that filled with adrenaline.


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