You know, I’ve been hearing a lot of people already advocating or predicting for Ironheart to join the MCU Phase 4 and I get it. Most are just advocating for her simple on a diversity standpoint. More diversity is good, but poor handling of it makes the story bad. Now, I’ve been thinking on how they can introduce the character into the MCU without it creating plot holes or poor narrative. One idea that I had, which would also add weight to the character, is to introduce Ironheart as Tony Stark’s daughter, Morgan Stark.

It would make a lot of sense when think about it from my perspective, his daughter would obviously be aware of her father’s heroic deed and the sacrifice he made to save the world. It would create for an interesting story narrative that could go either way. One would be seeing Morgan idolize her father and taking after him, from both an inventor and his personality. Of course, I don’t want her to become a mini Tony, but have some of his characteristic while implementing her own. The other narrative that they could approach is the one where she outright rejects her father, feeling as if he abandoned her, not understanding what her father gave to save the world, as she ventures out into the world, she’ll learn about her father, his legacy, his impact and maybe she’ll decide to take up the mantle of Ironheart or not.


Now, here is where I think people will lose their shit. Ironheart started out as a black character, Morgan is white. I think you’re starting to see what I’m getting at right? I mean, you’d think with characters like Human Torch, Heimdall, Valkyrie and MJ being replaced by black actors, which no one had any major problems since these actors really performed well. Is the world ready to change a characters race from Black to White? Yes, in some cases, it’s not possible or makes sense from a narrative point.

Characters like T’Challa and Luke Cage can not be changed as their race is part of their identity, but with Riri Williams, I don’t think that the case with her. It’s also why white character are easier to replace in acting roles as writers aren’t writing them with their race in mind. Although I’m not a fan of it myself. I’m not saying that Riri should be wiped out, but maybe she’ll be introduced in a different way that will make her more meaningful as a character than her just being the token character for a “Black Ironman”. Rewrites happen all the time, so this wouldn’t be the first.

That’s just my thoughts on this! It’s a “hot take” I guess, but one that makes the most sense from a narrative point of view. I mean, they still could introduce Riri by showing a scene of Tony sending out test disc to millions of possible protégés prior to his death and whoever can solve his riddle, would be deemed worthy to take the mantle of IronMan. That would lead her to meet up with Morgan and instead of her taking the role, Riri who admires her Morgan’s father takes the role, with the support of everyone. Although, she’ll have to prove herself first. Passing a test would be the first step. Seeing her journey to prove herself could be interesting if handled correctly. If Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse can rewrite Miles Morale and make him into an actually compelling character, then the same can be done with Riri. I still think Morgan would make more sense, but that’s just one nerd’s opinion.

Let me know what you guys think.

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