Everything just started to make sense, Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 58 answered a lot of my questions about the world, the subjects of Ymir, the nine Titans and how they’re all connected to the founding Titan. What I didn’t expect was the last part of the episode. Those few words began a chain reaction of questions and theories in my head. However, it kinda confirms a hypothesis I had about this anime.

Well, after years of seeing Eren turn into his Titan form, we finally learned its official name, The Attack Titan. Very creative might I add. When they gave the introduction to the nine Titans, they explained how the powers worked and how they passed down to member of the Ymir clan. Anyone who possess the powers of one of the nine Titan will only get to live up 13 years upon the day they received their powers. I guess this is to ensure that no one person will hold on to a form for too long. Or it what Hänge and Eren described it to be, a curse.

Also, what’s interesting here is that even if a person with one of the nine Titan were to die before being eaten my another member from the Ymir clan, those Titan powers won’t vanish, but instead they’ll be transferred to a random new born, kinda like in the Avatar: The Last Airbender in which the Avatar role is randomly transferred to another person after death. Yep, things are starting to make a some sense around here. Now all we have to do is wait to see how they’ll explain the pure titans and why these guys don’t get to keep their sanity.


Now, with Eren and the rest knowing all of this information, it really makes you wonder how they’ll move forward from here on out. We know that Eren has the Founding Titan powers, but he just learned that the only reason why he was able to use those powers was because the Dina’s Titan was royal blood. Which means that Eren being eaten is now out of the equation if all he has to do is touch a Titan with Royal blood.

Of course, they’re not going to turn Historia into a Titan, but there’s another person with Royal blood out there that might be a better option, Zeke! It’s going to be interesting to see how Eren will continue to act, now that he knows the truth! Of course, he longer has the drive to kill Titans as the reality is that he’s be killing his own people, and it’s already being made clear that the world is his true enemy. So I’m guessing, their next viable move is to either cure themselves from the curse and/or figure out how to turn everyone who’s being turned into a Titan back to human in order to assimilate back into the World. Although, they could instead go full fuck the world and band together to take over. Of course, that would create a moral dilemma amongst them, which would be interesting to see.

Now let’s talk about that last scene episode and the words that Eren Kruger spoke to Grisha. At first I thought that Owl being called Eren was just a coincidence and it was there to explain how Eren Yaeger got his name, but when the Owl asked Grisha to “save Mikasa and Armin”, and when asked who are they, to with he responding “I don’t know”, that alone gave me the impression that Eren, Mikasa and Armin have been reincarnated throughout time, and Mikasa and Armin have met horrible fates. So if that’s any indication for the future seasons, it might be that Mikasa and Armin are going to be in trouble soon. Overall, great episode as always.

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