So, there’s been reports of an “outrage” that took place over the internet in a response to the Final Fantasy 7 remake reveal of Tifa. According to these reports, Tifa had her  double blessings restricted to better fit with her athletic design. Now, correct me if I’m wrong here, but I didn’t see a large scale “outrage” on the internet over this design decision like everyone made it out to be, in fact from my observation, most people liked her design, praised it even. So, what’s the problem?

I tried looking on YouTube, Twitter & Facebook but I couldn’t find a massive outrage of people getting their knickers in a twist over the new design of Tifa. Heck there were more people mad over Aerith facial change than Tifa’s breast. If anything, only a SMALL minority of people complained about Tifa’s VERY subtle redesign. We all got those super small complainers in any community. It doesn’t matter what get announced, they’re will always be people who will find something to be mad about, i.e. Journalist with CyberPunk 2077!


I was hard pressed to see anything that remotely indicated an outrage. Most reaction videos had nothing but blind nostalgic admiration for the progress of the game. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but it could be that the media aka gaming journalist may have blown this whole ordeal out of proportion and everyone got dragged along for the ride. If you asked me, Tifa looks like a realistic woman with big boobs (well as realistic a video game character in an RPG can get). No man or woman on this earth could look at those melons and say “Man, dem titties are small”! I’m just keeping it real here!

I’ve seen people talk about sport bra’s and breast reductions, others jumped on the conspiracy theory that this is Sony’s censorship at work, all because an outlet (unable to trace who broke the news first) made an outlandish claim that the internet lost its shit when Tifa’s breast were apparently “reduced”! There’s no outrage, when the game comes out, people will line up to buy this game. That’s my opinion on this matter.

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