I won’t lie, when Zenitsu fell asleep, I was about to count this fool out as the worst character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 12. I mean, how the hell did a guy like that make it this far in his journey as a Demon Slayer? However, what he did afterwards explained everything. Don’t sleep on Zenitsu.

So as it turns out, when Zenitsu gets knocked out and falls asleep, his alter persona shows up and well, that persona gets right to the point. At least now we know the guy’s elemental powers, being lightning. I guess that kinda redeems him a little for being an overwhelmingly little bitch, just a little! His speed is insane and what makes the whole scene even more badass was the fact that he did it with his eyes closed. I really hope Zenitsu at some point learns how to knock himself out more often so that we can see more of his abilities. Aside from that, we learned some important lore about the demons and the different types of blood that humans have and the quality of them. As it turns out, there’s some demons who can’t eat humans forever, and will cap at some point.



Along with that, some humans have rare blood types known as Marechi which have the same potency as eating 100 humans. I’m guessing that how some of these demons became so powerful, so powerful enough to join the 12 ranks under Muzan. Now the fight between Tanjiro and the Tsuzumi demon was very exhilarating. I really like how none of these fight are ever straight forward. There’s always some twist to them that adds a level of severity to the fight. Not to mention that on top of that, Tanjiro isn’t just recovering after each fight, but carries on the damages from episode to episode. This was perfectly reflected in his inner monologue and how those injuries has begun to affect his confidence in his fights.

We still know next to nothing about the boar guy so hopefully we find out what makes him thick.

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