Melromarc brings a large fleet to fight the Wave out at sea. While the queen takes charge and leads the operation well, the other three heroes prove useless yet again, leaving Naofumi to do it all alone. The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 24 – Guardians of Another World reveals something that might change the course of how we view this weird world and the waves.

The first portion of the episode was pretty cool with L’arc and Therese displaying their immerse power, along with the help of the others. It was only after monster was beaten did things get interesting. As it turns out, Larc and Therese are indeed from another world. Not to mention that Glass, the mysterious girl from the previous wave shows up and is part of L’arc and Therese team. We learned that these three are from a world in total collapse. So in order to save it, the traveled dimensions to get to Naofumi’s world. The fight that ensued onwards was pretty cool, with trick and strategies heavily at play.

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So from this, one could assume that there are more than one world out there, possibly multiple worlds, all going through the same thing. Or perhaps, the waves represent the war of the worlds, each invading another for dominance. That could be the true nature of these waves. Now it is interesting that the three invading warriors, L’arc, Glass and Theresa are all more capable as fighters than Itsuki, Ren and Motoyasu. Makes you wonder if there was some type of mistake when those three were summoned. It shows that it’s not a power gap, but a skill gap that separates them.

So now we have three super powerful people who understand their powers and know how the Shield works, facing off against Naofumi, all while Naofumi knows next to nothing about them. This should be an interesting fight. Now, someone from my last review pointed out that the berries that Naofumi ate, the same one that knocked out Motoyasu when he tried, actually play a super important part in the story. I don’t know what it those, and why Naofumi can eat them without issues, but I thought I’d bring it up so that we can all keep it in mind and we continue on.


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