We learned so much in Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 57! I mean, for years we’ve waited for them to explain the origins of the Titans, and now, we got bombarded with a whole dialogue filled with lore. Nevertheless, I STILL HAVE QUESTIONS!!!!We learned that 1,820 years ago the ancestor of Grisha made a deal with the devil of All Earth to obtain the powers of the Titans. They never explained what the deal was or why this Ymir Fritz sought out the beast but when she died, her spirit was split into nine titans. So all this time, I assumed that this was all just some failed experiment gone wrong, that man played God and it backfired, however, it turned out to be a more mythical explanation.

Now you might saying to yourself, “how they hell did you think the titans existence would be a scientific creation“? To which, I would say “it’s anime bro, shit be like that sometimes“! Still, this changes the way I see these titans now. This story seems to now have this biblical vibe to it. First we see a image of the beast give the woman an apple of sort which are known to hold “seeds”, then she dies and “births” titans into the world. These titans seem like Nephilims when you start to think about it in that way.

Now after they were created, they formed the Eldia Empire, defeating the Marley Nation and began the ethnic cleansing that spanned for over 1,700 years. I won’t lie, I got a strong German vibe from that whole scene. Not sure how I feel about that!

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Now the most interesting thing is the fact that the Eldian King erected three walls, the same three walls we’ve come to know as Wall Maria, Wall Rose, & Wall Sheena. This finally explains how the walls were built. It also changes the fight that the scouts will have to undertake in the furure. For the longest time, they believed that they were trapped, when in fact they’ve been hiding away from the world. So everyone whose at Paradis must be a descendant of Ymir and a citizen of Eldia. The titans were never their enemies. Their enemy is humanity. What they’ll do now with this information will forever change the course of this story and I can’t wait to see it unfold.

The most interesting part of it all was seeing the faces of all the Eldians who became the infamous titans we’ve seen throughout the series, with the one that killed Eren’s mum been the first wife of Grisha. Not only that, Eren has a step-brother who is in fact Zeke. That was something I didn’t expect and now adds more weight to Zeke’s word on “saving” Eren. Also, I liked how Zeke was playing with an apelike toy! Somehow that kid knew he’d turn into one

Now, Zeke betraying his father was a bit weird but ironic when you think about it. Anyways, this episode also explains the serum that is used to turn humans into titans. Apparently, it only works with the descendants of Ymir. And the serum is the fluid of a Titan’s spinal fluid. So, in a sense, it acts like a catalyst that awakens the dormant DNA of everyone who lives in Paradise to their true forms. So their fight for humanity has been a lie! The next episode is about to be wild.

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