The one game that took me by surprise when it was revealed during E3 was Tales of Arise, a new entry to the Tales series that really looking to shake things up.

I wanted to talk about in a video but since there isn’t enough information to go with, I decided that a blog would be sufficient. Arise takes place in a setting divided between the medieval world of Dahna and the advanced world of Rena. Rena’s superior technological and magical advancement cause it to hold power over Dahna, taking its resources and treating its people as slaves. The protagonists are a man, Alphen native to Dahna, and a woman, Shionne from Rena who end up travelling together. And that’s all we know about the game.


I’ve never played any of the Tales series, so this might actually be my first entry into the franchise. It looks absolutely phenomenon. The visuals and so rich and vibrant in colour and the overall aesthetic is great. The combat from what was shown actually looked cool and engaging. This is what I mean’t when I say anime games need to step up their game. This is how I envisioned a next-gen anime game. Maybe I’m getting too hype up here but it’s undeniable that the game looks great at least. I can’t wait to see more of Tales of Arise. The year 2020 is looking really good so far.

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