Out of all the episode that’s come out for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, this week’s was the most annoying of them all. And it’s all thanks to Zenitsu. I’ve never hated a character so quickly like I did Zenitsu.

On the way to his next mission, Tanjiro runs into his fellow Final Selection survivor, the swordsman Zenitsu Agatsuma. We see this fool trying to marry a girl that he came across literally five minutes ago. At first his babbling on of how he is going to die out here was funny for the first five minutes, but after that, that shit got hella annoying fast! Yeah, he’s got that keen sense of hearing but that’s still isn’t enough for a saving grace. Heck while I was watching, I kept thinking that maybe he’s the type to get serious when shit gets down, but the moment he coward in fear when he’s faced with a demon, or what we thought was a demon and left that kid to fend for himself, I knew he needed to be removed from the anime. 


In fact, the episode felt like it took a hit in pacing thanks to Zenistu passively annoying attitude. I dunno, I know they want a comedic relief but this guy just ain’t it man. I really hope there’s more to him than just being a damm crybaby all the time. Anyways, the new demon that they’ve encountered has the ability to shift the rooms in the house making him an interesting opponent. He looks tough so we should see some epic fight between him and the boar guy that showed up in the last minute. Overall, the episode was alright, Zenitsu was annoying but the rest of it was not too bad.

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