As skeptical as I am with new anime games, I can’t deny that the new Dragon Ball Z Kakarot looked amazing! Still, I have my concerns.

There’s no denying what we saw at the Xbox Press conference, the game looked unreal. Of course, that’s how they get us in these trailers but since I’m familiar with CC2’s work, I’m confident that the story-based boss battle moments are going to be amazing, despite it being a re-telling of the sagas. Speaking of which, in terms of Sagas, just how far are they planing in covering the lore. If I’m not mistaken, even Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F technically fall under the Z banner. However, the safest bet would be to assume that they’ll cover up to the Buu Saga for now to avoid been disappointed. They might save those two as DLC!


The gameplay and open world aspect is where I have some opinions on. The open world isn’t actually fully open world as we previously led to believe. Instead, it acts as an instance based world. Not only that, the world from what they’ve shown in looks huge and expansive, yet feels barren and empty. That might change when the game comes out but it’s something I have to point out. It’s a common trend with these anime games. The gameplay looks fun, but I haven’t seen enough depth to give any further insight on it. I just hope it’s not going to be a simple light attack 3x and then a super attack. That is another trend when it comes to these anime games, the repetitiveness.

We’ll have to wait and see as they introduce more of these gameplay videos about Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

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